Launch your characters into the Metaverse.

THNDRHS is a Web3 launchpad for creators of comics, games and animation.We are equally a blockchain content company, a creator community, and a Metaverse publisher focused on bringing to life a new era of stories and characters in Web3.

What We Do

THNDRHS is building the "Marvel Comics of Web3” but allowing for greater creator ownership and fan incentives than has ever been seen before.The blockchain will accelerate the development of new intellectual property and connect it to fans - and act as the bridge between the physical (comic books, action figures) and the virtual world (VR/AR games, Metaverse).

The Team

Bringing decades of experience from community building, events, social media, comic publishing, collectibles manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and crypto together.We have worked with or for brands like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, as well as tech companies in Asia and North America.We are a passionate team that understands the needs of the creator and the underlying technology to bring the next big wave into Web3.

Contact Us

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